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Software Development Test Environment

The software developer should test their implementations before going live. The test environment is the place to check that the developer's implementation works with little to no software bugs. The test environment keeps records of user logins completely separate from the live environment. A valid user account must still be used in the test environment, but its use in the test environment does not affect existing sessions in the live environment. When the developer is satisfied with their implementation, the software developer must modify the URL address to connect to the live environment.

Each implementation for the user login page, the token page, the session check function, and the logout function has a specific URL to connect to its respective function in the Two-way Strong User Authentication System. The URL address will indicate whether the test environment or the live environment is being used. If the URL ends with "Test", then the test environment is being used. If the URL ends with "Live", then the live environment is being used. The only change that the software developer will have to make when moving to the live environment is to change that part of the URL address.

Note that the test environment only applies to implementations in Web applications. Implementations in mobile applications run immediately in the live environment.